Massage Therapy

Massages By Chevon


Swedish Massage

30min./$30            60 min./$45.            75 min./$55          90 min./$70            120 min./$95

A relaxing full-bodied massage.


Deep Tissue Massage

30min./$35             60 min./$50             75 min./$60           90 min./$75            120 min./$100

Deeper pressure helping trigger points to relieve tension and stress.

Hot Stones Massage

30min./$35              60 min./$50             75 min./$60           90 min./$75            120 min./$100

A specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones to deeply relax and warm up muscles.

Prenatal Massage

 30min./$30                       60 min./$45            75 min./$55           90 min./$70            120 min./$95

This healing massage relieves the physical discomforts that are often par for the course with pregnancy.

On The Go Massage---15min./$12

15min. massage that helps you go on with your day by relieving that one painful spot.

Body Scrubs-------60min. /$65

An exfoliation of the body rubbing layers of dead skin off to leave your skin feeling smooth and moisturized.  

Back Scrub---15min./$20

An exfoliation of the back rubbing away layers of dead skin followed by a masque to help moisturize the skin

Supine(Lying face up) Hand or Foot Treatment----$25/$30  45min/60min

A wash and scrub that exfoliates the dead skin off the hand/ foot, followed by a masque that's wiped off with hot towels ending with a paraffin and hand to arm/ foot  to leg massage.

Paraffin Dip Hand/Foot---$5/$8

Body Wrap---$25per body part